About us

Green Cave Studio, is the one of the world's first fully interactive film studios based on virtual reality. Would you like to broadcast your program from the summit of Mount Everest? Do you need a promotional video, that will leave the competition far behind? Are you preparing a product launch and would like to show it in an unusual way? All this is now possible, thanks to mixed reality capture technology. Combining over 10 years of experience in the film industry with rich experience in developing games and applications (VR and AR), we have created a completely new quality. As the only company in Europe, we are able to record and stream video, by keying the actors into any 3D space (ready-made or created on request), with live special effects, graphics, virtual screens with multimedia presentations, or live interactions with added 3D objects . Through the use of 3D models instead of flat images, and camera positional tracking, we can create a dynamic approach and present the virtual world from any angle.


Also offering:

  • Recording in 4K quality
  • An experienced team from video/vr branch
  • Highest quality studio equipment
  • LIVE Streaming
  • Professional audio
  • Soundproofed studio

Why us?

Green Cave Studio is much more than a classic greenbox studio. Meet its unique functionality, which you won’t find in any other studio.

Gesture Recognition

Control elements of scenography live with gestures. We will match its functionality to your needs.

Live Interaction

Interact with your product, or a 3d model. Any fuctionality can be implemented.

Live Special Effects

We are able to add any special effects live, without the need to edit the material in post-production.

Streaming / Recording in 3D

We are the first studio in Europe, being able to record videos in virtual3D space during both standard recording and streaming.

Environment Design

Our team of 3D artists prepares all 3D elements and environments according to the guidelines of our customers.

Positional tracking

We have a special positional tracking system, which allows us to shoot in 3D from any angle, also live.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Nelson Mandela

We shoot...

  • Music videos
  • Interviews
  • Product launches
  • LIVE Streamings
  • Corporate videos
  • Case studies
  • Commercials
  • Real estate presentations
  • Game trailers and presentations
  • Webinars
  • Live broadcasts
  • Wideoconferences

Hours of recorded videos


Liters of drinked coffee


VR projects completed


Nap breaks

World of possibilities!

We have created a whole variety of ready-made virtual environments, from sandy beaches of Mallorca to the dark depths of space stations. Choose the one which fits your needs or contact us for a tailor made solution.

Become our partner!

Together we can achieve more. Therefore, we are open for cooperation with companies and brands who wish to join with us in creation of a completely new quality in the video industry, developing Europe's first professional mixed reality studio.

You have an idea on how to make our studio even more innovative? The technology offered by your company fits perfectly into the concept of the studio?

You're impressed with this technology? You would like to use it in your existing studio, or create a new one? Contact us and become a part of the global network! We will provide you with all the gear along with our custom software, which will allow you to create tour own virtual environments!

Contact us: partner@vrvisio.com

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