Let's be honest: positioning a real life video camera inside the virtual reality can be a real struggle, especially when project require high-end precision.

For every proffesional and every device there are limitless solutions for attaching the HTC Vive controller to a video recorder. Each of these solutions require individual calibration, which so far has been an extremely inefficient and time-consuming process.

Working daily with Mixed Reality videos not only do we know and understand all the common issues of this technology – we do our best to solve them. Exhausted of repeatedly editing the config file in text editor and reloading the app to test every minor tweak, we decided that we need a more dynamic and productive tool.

That is why we've created MR Calibrator: software equipped with simple GUI and keyboard controllers, which allows you to quickly modify the camera settings from inside the application, then save the satisfying result to a simple text file.


Facitilitate your Mixed Reality workflow:

  • Reach pixel-perfect calibration within minutes
  • Calibrate your MR camera using efficient GUI
  • Configure position and rotation for each axis (X,Y,Z) as well as Field of View separately
  • Work using intuitve keyboard controlers with customizable sensitivity
  • Save your camera settings to .cfg file and export it to other applications
  • Save a lot of time

MR Calibrator is compatible with most Unity 3D games and applications


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